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Ways To Make Your Black Hair Look Gorgeous


Hair issues are not the kind that easy to get rid of immediately. They need our patient and hard work to get beautiful and healthy. Especially for black hair, because of its texture, black hair tends to be more delicate and drier than other hair types. Asian girls are often born with this hair color and it is one of the most desired hair color in the world. Among those, Vietnamese hair is reported to be one of the highest quality sources. It is because of Vietnamese hair’s jet black color, its shine and strength. Therefore, hair extensions from Vietnamese hair are used and loved widely by many people from Asia to Western countries. Understand it and have a right treatment will help you to have a shiny and healthy black hair.  Below are some useful and proper ways to look after your black hair.

  1. Use Fabric As A Styling Tool

Plastic curlers or heat-styling tools can damage your hair so much because they can get rid of the moisture in your hair and make it become dried. From many DIY videos, you can see that there are many other ways that you can have curly hair yourselves and at home. One of those solutions is using fabric. To do this, you need to separate your natural hair into as many sections as you want and wrap each odd them with a fabric strip. All there left is going to bed and when you wake up the following morning, your hair will be styled as beautiful as you have just gone out from a hair salon. This method of styling hair is really essential with black hair because of its special texture- easy to become dried.

  1. Use Bobby Pins For Curly Hair

Another creative way to stress out if you get bored of straight hair. Before going to sleep, apply a little bit of hair mousse to your natural hair and then divide and wrap your hair around a bobby pin. The next morning when you wake up, you will have curly hair as you wish before. These no-heat styling ways are highly recommended for those possessing black hair because they can remain the moisture in that texture of hair.

  1. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Black hair need careful treatment if you don’t want it to dry and become tangled. The very easy and comfortable way is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. This solution is not only help you to have dream black hair but it also have you to have beautiful dreams. Easy and comfortable way! So why don’t you go for it?

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