Turning 52 Years Old This Year But Still Having Dreamy Beautiful Skin, What Are The Secrets Of Nicole Kidman?


Keep reading and you absolutely can learn ways to own healthy skin despite the time just like Nicole Kidman.

At the age of 52, Nicole Kidman‘s beauty still has no signs of fading. Of course, the visual of the great Hollywood beauty cannot be as youthful as before but the delicate lines and luxurious charisma are still enough to make many people fall in love.

However, there is still one more factor that helps Nicole Kidman to maintain the position as a beauty queen, despite her age beyond 50, it is her white, healthy skin. And to maintain such perfect skin, Nicole Kidman has adopted some extremely simple anti-aging recipes, everyone can easily follow.

Apply the sunscreen very seriously

Not to mention the luxurious beauty methods (like many Hollywood stars still apply), Nicole Kidman assumes that sunscreen is the most effective product that helps remain the “spring age” for her.

“Because I really like outdoor activities such as playing tennis, jogging or swimming, for example; and I just want to be able to do all that while still protect my skin from sunburn.” But Nicole Kidman not only applied sunscreen in the morning. The great Hollywood beauty also uses vitamin C and reapplies sunscreen very seriously at various times of the day. “I applied vitamin C too because the skin will be protected longer.” And with the result of this serious, smart applying sunscreen process, she proudly boasted: “My current skin is less vulnerable, despite my age.”


In the evening, you must use a cream containing retinol

Retinol-containing cream is responsible for reducing wrinkles by stimulating skin regeneration, promoting collagen production and at the age of 50, Kidman cannot live without this product. “I applied retinol cream every day,” said the swan of Australia; and she will choose products with mild formula because they not only rejuvenate the skin well but also do not make the skin become sensitive, redness or peeling.

Always make sure you completely remove your makeup

Leaving the makeup sitting on your face overnight is no different from “killing” your skin, making it have pimples, dull and quickly aging. So, Nicole Kidman could not maintain such beautiful skin if she did not remove her makeup carefully every night. “I was advised to remove makeup every night” (and, of course, she did it).

Drink beverages from green tea

Nicole Kidman once shared with the People that she loves coffee, but will switch to drinking tea in the afternoon every day. “My husband’s habit makes me want to drink coffee every morning but for the rest of the time, I will use a drink from matcha powder.” And in case you don’t know, green tea contains antioxidants, which not only help you stay alert but also anti-aging extremely well. If you don’t drink matcha latte, fresh green tea is also the perfect choice.

Exercise is a top priority

It is very difficult to have beautiful young skin for long if you do not own a healthy body. “I grew up with my father and sister who were athletic enthusiasts, but I just liked running, at a slow pace,” Nicola Kidman said. And every time you exercise, your skin will get rid of toxins, the body will be healthier and the result will be very clear with bright, vibrant, skin.

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