Have You Tried The Bottle Cap Challenge Yet? Look! K-Pop Star Jackson Just Did It And The Special Thing Is HE DO IT ALL SHIRTLESS!! – WATCH


K-pop star aka genius Chinese solo artist – Jackson Wang has just written his name in the lists of celebrities who participated in the #bottlecapchallenge by tweeting a video of him doing the challenge on July 16. And it definitely created a “storm” over the social network!

K-pop fans swooned everywhere when Jackson Wang – a member of a K-pop boy group GOT7 and a talented Chinese solo artist – drop on Twitter on July 16 to distribute his version of the popular Bottle Cap Challenge. In the clip, Jackson was completely shirtless and wore nothing but black spandex pants, which showed him at a gym. After the first failed attempt to knock the cap off with his foot, he took a deep breath while lifting his hand up and use his “magic power” to fly the cap off. Then he calmly walked away while slinging a towel over his shoulder looking like a cool boss (well, he’s really a big boss owning a whole label in China though).

Being completely shirtless and showing his “6 perfect packs” abs, not surprised that his fans were all “permanent” (well, I see this kind of tweet about his vid everywhere on twitter), and the hashtag #jacksonwang was even trending worldwide at #16! Many comments under Jackson’s eye-catching video on twitter by his followers have shown their love. “We felt the Power”, one follower said. “Thanks, I really APPRECIATE IT, MY HEART IS NOT OKAY BUT THANK YOU”, another commented. “We stan the hottest demon lmao”, a third wrote.

Jackson’s version of #bottlecapchallenge was hilarious and impressive. Many other celebs have recently participated in this interesting challenge, including Mariah Carey, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, etc. Their videos are all cool and amazing!

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See the full clip of Jackson Wang’s Bottle Cap Challenge below.

It was great to see Jackson having fun doing his Bottle Cap Challenge after suffering the unexpected food poisoning a few days ago. There is nothing better than staning an attractive healthy guy with a sense of humor, right?


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