Things Should Be Noticed While Exfoliating To Have A More Glowing And Beautiful Skin


Exfoliating is the fastest way for you to have bright, smooth skin. But you have to take note of a few things.

Refer to all skincare tips, you will see that each exfoliating step always has a fixed position, no matter how many steps there are.

If you do not perform exfoliation steps regularly, old cells will accumulate on the skin surface, clogging the pores, making the skin dull, grainy, even pimples. In addition, as you get older, your ability to regenerate your skin will diminish, requiring the help of exfoliation products to make your skin healthier and younger. However, taking the exfoliating step so that it is most effective and safe is not easy, you need to note the following things.

How often should you exfoliate?

This is a perennial question for those who have just learned to skincare or just add exfoliation into the daily skincare process. Of course, every skin that needs to exfoliate is not the same but the frequency of this operation should only be around 1-3 times per week. If exfoliating too much, your skin protection barrier will be damaged, making your skin more sensitive, weak, or in some cases, the skin is also extremely irritating and burning.

Is it necessary to remove dead skin in the morning or evening?

It is better to exfoliate at night. Because removing the old cell layer will make the skin more sensitive, especially with the sun. Another note, though, is whether you exfoliate at any time during the day, you definitely need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin, avoiding the prospect of smooth, brighter skin by exfoliating immediately being attacked by UV rays and become dull, hurt more.

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Is it okay if you exfoliate for sensitive skin?

All skin types benefit from exfoliating, even if you own the most sensitive skin. However, with this dull type of skin, you should start with mild exfoliating products, including ingredients such as PHA or lactic acid. These options will remove dead cells effectively, but gentle enough to prevent skin from drying out or burning. As a result, sensitive skin also becomes healthier, raised skin and acne scars are also blurred.

Need to moisturize after exfoliation?

Moisturizing after exfoliation is extremely necessary. For physical exfoliating products, applying creams containing HA, glycerin, etc. not only will moisturize and soothe the skin instantly but also help neutralize acid, prevent skin from being corroded and the protective film from being damaged.

What is the order of exfoliation in the skincare process?

Many people will wonder, should do exfoliate before or after applying toner and essence. And the answer here is: before those two actions, in other words, right after 2-step cleaning. This will help “clean up” the dead cells accumulating on the skin more effectively while stimulating skin regeneration. After that, applying toner and essence, moisturizer will bring the skin to an ideal pH, moisturize and nourish the skin better.

These are some things you should pay attention to while exfoliating to have fresh skin. Follow MCSARA to be updated the latest information about hair, beauty and so on!


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