MCSARA is always proud of being one of the best Vietnamese hair extensions brands. When you come to us, you will see that there is a wide range of hair extensions for you to consider: weft hair, tape hair, tip hair, clip in hair and keratin hair. Not only are our customers satisfied with our high quality products but also the enthusiasm and professionalism of our staffs as we always help you to update information about hair trends.

In this post, we will introduce to you a very familiar but fashionable hairstyle which appeared on a Japanese TV program.

Taylor Swift is known as a very famous American singer as well as songwriter. Just a few days ago, Swifties (the name given Taylor Swift’s fans) all over the world were very excited about Taylor Swift’s exclusive interview on Japanese TV about her “Reputation Stadium Tour”. The “Reputation Stadium Tour”, which is known as Taylor’s fifth concert tour, started on May 8th, 2018 and it is scheduled to end on November 21th in the same year in Tokyo (Japan). The tour consists of 53 concerts. Remarkably, Camila Cabello and Charli XCX are confirmed to be supporting singers for the tour. In addition to the information which is relevant to her “Reputation Stadium Tour”, Swifties worldwide paid much attention to Taylor Swift hairstyle.

As can be seen from the photo which is taken from the video, the princess of country music looked so dynamic and she seemed to be full of energy in a quite colorful jacket. Especially, it was noticeable that she worn her long blonde hair down below the shoulders’ line. Those who are Taylor Swift’s fans all know that she has been associated with blond hair since her debut in 2006. For this reason, many fans even humorously assume that she may spend her whole life with blonde hair. Nevertheless, it can not be denied that blonde hair has become Taylor Swift’s own brand that reminds others of a sweet voice. Besides, blonde hair suits her white skin much and it even makes her skin brighter.

Additionally, below shoulder length wavy hairstyle played a very important role in revealing her femininity, attractiveness, seduction, elegance and gracefulness. Wavy hair which originated from the west is a trendy hairstyle these days, especially in Korea. Wavy hair is said to match well with bright hair color including blonde color.

Full blunt bangs made the 29-year-old singer look younger than her actual age. In fact, Taylor Swift is one of the few celebrities will blunt hair because it seems to be a risky option. Some people’s face will look bigger and chubbier due to this type of bangs. However, the fact is that full blunt bangs were suitable for Taylor because it made her long face look a little bit shorter. Moreover, blunt bangs may be a trick for her to hack her age.

All in all, blonde wavy hair and full blunt bangs matched well with each other to give Taylor Swift a gorgeous appearance.


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