Suri Cruise, The Little Hollywood Princess In The Past, Has Grown Up Well, Her Long Legs Are Especially Attractive


The recent image of Suri Cruise shows that she really became a teenager, no longer a tiny princess.

Growing more, Suri Cruise is remarked having more and more similarities with her mother Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise’s 13-year-old daughter inherited from her mother the long brown hair, the beautiful nose, and the bright smile. Not only that, Suri currently has a tendency to love Yoga like Katie.

The photos from July 22 (local time) showed that both Katie and Suri were caught on their way to the yoga room. The 40-year-old female star showed off a strong body with comfortable sportswear. However, the public’s attention is on the 13-year-old girl – Suri Cruise. The tiny Hollywood princess today has “succeeded” to become a flamboyant young lady with formidable long legs.

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Tanned skin makes Suri look more sturdy and dynamic. In particular, Suri’s long and slender legs make people feel admiringly relentless. Everyone thinks that Suri is fortunate to inherit her mother’s genes in terms of height. With the advantage of appearance and height, Suri’s dream of becoming a model is entirely possible in the future.


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