Still Shook after seeing Taylor Swift’s Cat transformation in the Cats Movie trailer? So Here Are Some Photos of the “Snake Queen” Without Makeup To Help You Calm Down Real Quick!


This year, the classic musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber will be recreated on the big screen through the movie Cats. The original work of the film was rated as one of the highest-grossing Broadway productions of the 1980s. Through the first trailer of this film, the director Tom Hooper created a colorful world of cats, in which we saw a strange city under the eyes of cats. The way they live, the way they act, all these things are wrapped in this musical movie.

Cats’ trailer is primarily focused on performing technical effects and the soundtracks in the film. However, a haunting detail for viewers is the shaping of cats kept with the horror version of musicals. The noticeable factor that has to be mentioned is the appearance of “Snake Queen” Taylor Swift as a cat.

Her fans are still shocking about this appearance of Taylor and a lot of people even posted on their twitter that they want to see the talented singer without makeup. So here I’ve rounded up some moments of Taylor Swift no makeup. Take a look!

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Back in 2008 with a Photo Shoot

When People magazine decided to do a photoshoot featuring a number of attractive women without makeup for their May’s issue of “100 Most Beautiful People,” Taylor Swift was a willing participant. Completely makeup-free in her PEOPLE shoot with nothing but a white sundress to grace her lithe figure.

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Safe and Sound

Appeared in her own MV but she still barely wore any makeup layer. However, she still shines even though in such a gloomy context like this.

A Casual Look

Here Taylor was photographed in a grey T-shirt with her naturally curly hair flowing down on her shoulder. The photo was taken in bright reverse effect and this made her look even more shining and somewhat magnificent.

On the beach

Taylor Swift hit the beach looking classier than ever in a sundress, dark shades and sling bang on the shoulder. Exposed in her natural element without a stitch of makeup she is a living example of one who finds comfort in the way she looks. Taylor Swift’s makeup-free shows her simplicity.

Chilling with Meredith

There is nothing better than being able to spend your casual time with your lovely cats. Taylor Swift is known for her healthy lifestyle as she tends to spend her free time playing with her cats, going to the gym or making cakes rather than smoking or drinking, no wonder why she always looks radiant and healthy even without any makeup.

Taylor Swift is a living example of her simplicity and shows her simple lifestyle without makeup. She prefers a cool life to hard-partying and elaborate lifestyle of many her counterparts. Taylor prefers to be comfortable how she is; she loves to spend time with her three cats: Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin.




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