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Steps to prep your hair for re-styling


Styling hair and have a new hairstyle can be so exciting to anyone. However, before going to the salon for a re-styling day, you should prepare for that days, weeks or even months before to ensure your hair is healthy and strong after the re-styling.

Here are some steps:

  1. Wash your hair

It’s normal for many people that they will let their hair 3 days without shampooing with the belief that it will facilitate the dying process and the stylist will wash it anyway, right? Wrong. Product and oil build up make it harder to lighten and color hair. So it’s important to clean your hair before you go to the salon to get your hair re-styled. It is recommended to use clarifying shampoo to remove all the excess oil and buildup on your hair and scalp.

  1. Brush it out before bed. 

Sleeping on hairspray almost never ends well, so grab your paddle brush and smooth through your locks. The only time I would suggest not brushing it out is when you know you’ll be pulling it into a messy bun or braid the next day. The texture of leftover hairspray can be quite nice for both of those styles, it’s just not idea for re-curling or re-smoothing.

  1. Apply an oil or cream to your ends

This is an essential step that you have to do after using clarifying shampoo to well hydrate your hair.

  1. The night before

Wear it in a loose pony on top of your head, or even a very soft braid. The less crinkling on your pillow, the better! Sometimes this can mean you don’t even need to touch it with heat the next day too! Additionally, sleep on a silk or satin pillow case.

  1. Be honest about how you wear your hair daily

Your stylist needs to be aware of your hair loves and hates. If you despise your hair’s thickness, your stylist will make sure to thin it out. Share how you typically wear your hair and when you feel the best. Your stylist will get a sense of your style and make sure to avoid anything that will bring out your hair insecurities. She will also be able to choose the products she uses on you accordingly.

  1. Bring an expected photo

Download some inspiration photos or screenshot those to show your hairstylist. However, please make sure they don’t conflict each other and keep realistic expectations. Showing photos will give your stylist an idea of the amount of color, tone, and style you are going for. If you’re obsessed with those tousled and textured locks, your hairstylist can choose to use products that will emphasize that. However, don’t rely 100% on the expected photos that you show your stylist as it can be different among different hair type and hair state.

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