Skin Care Like Japanese Women: The Skin Is Bright And Young Thanks To Repeating 5 Steps Daily


Try applying 5 Japanese skincare tips, you will see beautiful skin from inside.

In addition to French and Korean women, Japanese women are also admirable beautiful skin models with a bright, healthy and rarely seen the stain. They also use skincare products like women in many other countries but besides, Japanese women will take advantage of natural ingredients to fight ageing, beautify the skin from deep inside. The secrets of Japanese women are easy to learn, surely after consulting all 5 tips below, you will want to apply immediately to improve your skin.

Supplement vitamin C

Vitamin C is a miraculous antioxidant that helps to lighten the skin and disable the attack of free radicals – a direct cause of aging. And instead of just using skincare products that contain vitamin C, Japanese women have always added this antioxidant to the body by eating lots of oranges, therefore, the skin pigments and free radicals will be removed, help them to achieve beautiful and healthy skin from the inside. And yet, vitamin C in oranges also stimulates collagen production, effectively preventing wrinkles and sagging skin when older.

Use natural balms to beautify skin and hair

Many women are afraid to use balms because they envision the heavy and sticky feeling that this product brings. However, for Japanese women, balm oil is a powerful weapon, helping them to have a moist, healthy skin and pores that are nearly invisible.

You can use any of your favorite balm, such as rosehip bud oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, etc. but study Japanese women, once you try camellia oil as a moist lock, your skin will instantly look softer and more tensile. In the long term, camellia oil will help prevent signs of aging, blurring formed wrinkles. In addition, the use of camellia oil to nourish hair also gives you strong, less broken and smooth hair.

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Drink green tea

Green tea brings too much benefit to the body, from boosting metabolism, burning excess fat, to anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant to help remain the freshness for skin So in Japan, green tea is extremely popular and is upgraded into a culture. Not only drinking green tea, but Japanese people also modified this simple drink into matcha with 10 times the antioxidant effect of a regular green tea cup.

In case you do not want to drink tea, you can use green tea water as a toner to lighten the skin, anti-inflammatory, reduce acne. However, try to drink about 2-3 cups of fresh green tea every day, or 1 cup of matcha, you will see beautiful skin every day.

Use red bean flour

Since ancient times, Japanese women not only use red beans as food but also utilize these nuts to nourish the skin. By grinding red beans into powder, add a little clean water each time using, then apply to the skin and massage in circular movements for about 2 minutes. You will get amazing results as the skin is clear, dead cells are removed, the skin is lighter, shrink pores, and reduce inflammatory acne as well as visible blackheads. Red beans are also rich in antioxidants, which help maintain the freshness of the skin and reduce wrinkles effectively.

Hot spring bath

Soaking in the thermae not only helps to relax but at the same time, Japanese women also consider this as a beauty treatment, enabling the skin to be supplemented with minerals and detox. If you don’t have access to hot springs, you can learn Japanese women a more simple way, soak in a bath at home, add a bit of natural salt or essential oil and let the steam do the task of detoxing, lighten the skin, release pores for extra clean skin. In addition, hot steam will stimulate the production of melatonin – hormones that help you sleep well and have excellent antioxidant properties.


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