Sandra Bullock Latest Hairstyle Choice For Summer is Chocolate-Brown Lob, Have You Seen How Amazing She Is?


Sandra Bullock, where have you been? It’s been quite a while since Miss Congeniality has given us something to sink our teeth into—well, not since her showstopping performance in Bird Box, anyway—but in all fairness, Sandra has been busy. In the time since the 2018 Twitter Movie of the Year was released, Sandra has been booked with producing (and hopefully she will play the main role) her very own Netflix sci-fi film, winning awards for being an iconic actress, and you see what? She decided to change up her hair! It’s almost unfair that she can do no wrong.

After taking a little break from the standing behind all that Bird Box promo, Sandra finally returned on our collective radar. She appeared at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards in June, where she was nominated for and won the Most Frightened Performance Award for her role in Bird Box. Receive the award, Sandra styled her hair into a simple part down the middle and subtle blonde highlights.

Now, less than a month later, Sandra has blessed us all with yet another public appearance. This time, she attended the 2019 ESPY Awards and was clearly ready to serve some “desserts”. Sandra looked more graceful and radiant than ever, debuting a fashionable and fun new cut: a lob in the perfect shade of chocolate brown, set with some loose waves which are perfectly frame her face. Just some small transformations but yet the famous actress has completely succeeded in appealing all the opposite eyes!

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