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Rule 2.25 to get the right short hair for the face


Short hair is unquestionably not the same as long hair, the length of the hair, as well as all highlights – plan, style and care are not the same. With long hair, you can have a wide range of hairdo while hairdos for short hair are confined. Nonetheless, the short hair brings the gentility dynamic and stylish appearance with no sotisphicated features.

Short hair drift with sorts of bounce hair or heave hair is turning into the focal point of haircut as of late, which makes any young ladies need to trim long hair to stay aware of the pattern. Short haircutting won’t be an issue if your face fits, if not, it is extremely “genuine” since for a significant long time, the hair can be long again as previously. In this manner, before choosing to trim long hair that you style for quite a while, allude to the data underneath to check whether you fit long hair or short hair, and on the off chance that it is short hair, which style is protected and a la mode.

John Frieda, a renowned hair authority in the UK, has thought of an awesome recipe that makes it simple to decide whether you fit short or long hair. This run is called “manage 2.25”, you simply require a ruler and a pencil to decide the proportion of face and neck.

Specifically, putting the pencil just underneath the jaw (parallel to the ground), at that point setting the ruler opposite to the pencil and estimating the separation between the pencil and the ear. On the off chance that the number you get is under 2.25 inches (~ 5,7cm), it implies you fit short hair. On the off chance that the separation you measure is more prominent than 2.25 inches, in length hair will be the most secure choice.

In the wake of deciding the face proportion as per the 2.25 manage, if your face fits short hair, the following stage will see the state of the face to pick the correct haircut.

The oval face is an immaculate face since it can be reasonable for a wide range of short hair. Regardless of whether it’s wavy weave, bounce with skewed blasts, or fringle … all are perfect for you. With the oval face, you just need to pick the style that best suits your style and identity. The sway or light twisted heave haircut or straight hair gives you a female and exquisite look, while the pixie hairdo is an encapsulation of a solid style.

In the event that you possess a round face and need to pick the correct short haircut, long weave hair contacting skin or long mid length hurl hair is the ideal hairdo for you. Particularly, weave with skewed blasts covering half of face, or thin blasts will lessen the completion of the face.

With a little face, don’t give the blasts a chance to be too long or thick, since the blasts can cover a large portion of your face. Pick light twisted roots and focal separating blasts or blasts allowed to make the face longer and more exquisite.


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