The Official Portrait Of Marvel’s Superhero Shang Chi: From An “Accountant” Who Was Fired From Being The “Hottest” Male Of Canada


Unlike the rumors of Ludi Lin playing the role “Shang Chi”, Simu Liu is the official star who is “chosen to send gold” by Marvel. Who is the guy getting such a big role?

On the morning of July 21, Marvel “bombed” the global film market by launching super-level “hints” about their upcoming 11 projects. Notably, the person who took on the role of Shang Chi in the Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was not Ludi Lin as the media reported earlier. Simu Liu is the name officially transformed into Marvel’s first Asian superhero. Who is he?

(Ludi Lin who was rumored to be the Marvel’s first Asian superhero)

(and here is the real Shang Chi of Marvel – Simu Liu)

Losing the job because the company made cuts in personnel, came to the acting profession as a final option

Simu Liu was born on April 19, 1989, in China. However, he emigrated with his parents to Canada to live and work since he was 5 years old. Growing up, he studied finance and accounting, and pursued office work in his early years. Thought that everything would go well as desired but not. Simu Liu was fired from work due to a reduction in personnel from Deloitte. This is one of four “big men” in the world audit industry.

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Fed up with the company’s decision, he searched for other jobs himself. Although he was unemployed, he did not intend to go back to doing routine office work as before. Finally, after experiencing many other jobs, especially stuntmen, he decided to pursue an acting career up to now.

The “super big” career but not “giant”

(Kim’s Convenience – the film brings Simu Liu’s name closer to the audience.)

Before being cast as Shang Chi, Simu Liu played through all 16 films in 7 years in the profession. It is an impressive number, also a career collection that is relatively “super big” for actors in such a time period. However, a large number did not give him a good reputation. Simu Liu is best known for his role as Jung’s son in Kim’s Convenience.

(Simu Liu (right) in Kim’s convenience)

Kim’s Convenience tells a story about a family that is doing a grocery store business in Toronto, Canada. Through it, the film portrays the image of immigrant Asians, living and working in Western countries. In the movie, Simu Liu transforms into Kim’s son. However, he is a young man with a rebellious personality, joining the local bandits. This is Canada’s highest rating drama. Besides, the role also earned him the ACTRA award in Canada.

(Simu Liu in Blood and Water, the actor’s second most popular film)

(Picture of Simu Liu’s latest 2019 project: Fresh Off the Boat)

Representing Asian actors in entertainment and sports in North America, constantly appearing on the list … “beautiful people”!

As a prominent face from Kim’s Convenience, Simu Liu was quickly noticed by audiences. In particular, he was chosen to represent the Asian professional and acting profession in North America. Sharing about this, he said: “Having such a big role, I realized that responsibility must also be accompanied.”

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Besides, Simu Liu has been featured in the list of 50 most beautiful people of Hello! Magazine. At the same time, the actor also appeared on the list of 25 hot male singles in 2017, 2018. The above list somehow helped Simu Lin become the main face for Old Spice. What so far, people only see hot Latin guys do.

It is unknown what Simu Lin’s performance in the upcoming Shang Chi will be. However, with a solid, mature and unfulfilled appearance, it was “eating money” already.

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