The Low-Bun Hairstyle Is Now Fancier Than Ever With This Elegant And Cool Style


Among the plenty of beautiful hairstyles, the low bun is often thought to be old, boring and unremarkable for girls. But in the sweltering summer weather or on the day that the hair becomes greasy because it has not been shampooed for several days, this hairstyle is definitely a great styling solution with a series of advantages: neat, easy to implement, it takes less than 1 minute to complete. The interesting thing about this hairdo is that despite being criticized by many sisters in the past, at the present time, the low bun hairstyle is considered by many sophisticated girls as a “nail” hairstyle of the summer. However, the low bun hairstyle mentioned in this post is quite different from the casual one that you still have in mind for a long time.

Frequently criticized as being old, but nowadays, the “loose” low bun hairstyle is favored by many stylish girls. It is no longer a hairstyle that hurriedly rushed when you’re at home, the low bun hair was intentionally combined by the girls with a stylish, fashionable dress that looked both cool and elegant.

Low-bun hair is often thought to be old but fits with many different fashion styles, from neat to liberal, elegant to casual, youthful.

The low bun hairstyle that is being played by the sophisticated ladies this summer has a slightly different approach than the usual low bun we still know. To know the specific tutorial, see the following instruction:

To create a low-haired “loose” hairstyle to be as cool as the girls above, we will apply the hair-folding operation instead of the usual hair wrap. Depending on the length of the hair to fold the corresponding number of times, it is usually 3 times with waist-length hair, 2 times with over-the-shoulder-length hair.

After you have folded your hair, fix it with an elastic to complete the low-haired bun. This hairstyle exudes a sense of generosity but is still very luxurious and delicate, all good for going to work, going out with friends or attending an outside party.

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