Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Photos On Instagram


A quick scroll through Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram feed reveals just how obsessed the 21-year-old is with all things makeup. Not only is she always posting about her Kylie Cosmetics products, but she also rarely goes a few days without sharing selfies of her own makeup, whether she’s gone full glam or a more natural route. So it’s not often that we get a glimpse of Jenner without makeup, which is probably why people are losing it over the star’s latest bare-faced moment.

In June, Jenner was spotted strolling around Los Angeles with her friend and longtime makeup artist Ariel Tejada. In the photos, the friends walk with their arms linked, while Jenner appears to be wearing very little makeup — if any at all. While her lashes look long, they don’t look like they’re coated with mascara or layered with falsies. What’s more, while it’s hard to tell if she’s wearing base makeup in the photos, it is evident that she’s not wearing any cheek products like bronzer or blush.

As if the paparazzi shots weren’t enough, Jenner also shared a makeup-less shot on Instagram, too, in which you can clearly see her freckles. She captioned the post, “skin ✨” which makes sense considering the sun appears to be shining directly on her face. Whether or not she was slathered in sunscreen, we’ll never know, but we sure hope that was the case.

Some more pictures of Kylie Jenner no makeup that she posted on her Instagram

Brows-Still-Brushed Kylie

Au-Naturel Kylie

Casual no-makeup Kylie

Friday the 13th

The young talented girl shared this stunning selfie on Instagram on October 13th while keeping a low profile during her secret pregnancy with daughter Stormi.

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The post came at a time when Jenner was sharing relatively little content to social media, and fans went wild for the beautiful image with one calling her ‘the prettiest girl in the whole world’.

Other users told Kylie she was ‘more beautiful without makeup’.

Smooth, sunkissed skin

Jenner shared this makeup-free image to her infamous Snapchat account in 2016 (long before she single-handedly slashed the share price of the tech giant with one tweet).

She wears eye-watering diamond rocks in her ears and on her finger, as well as long taupe-colored talons and her favorite eyelash extensions.

A natural selfie with a Louis Vuitton edge

Kylie Jenner’s freckles are front and center in this stunning, relaxed Instagram selfie when she was still a teenager back in the summer of 2016.

Her porcelain skin is untouched in this shot, although her natural beauty is enhanced with fluttering eyelash extensions and her trademark lip fillers.

Fans were quick to notice her heavy smattering of freckles which she had largely kept covered with heavy foundation up to this point, with one writing ‘OMG so gorgeous, she has freckles!’.

Kylie wears an on-trend Louis Vuitton twilly scarf around her neck as a choker and a nude bodysuit.

Kylie Jenner without makeup


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