When summer comes, many actors, models and singers have quickly updated their style to fit the trend. So what kind of hairstyles do they have now?

Son Ye Jin

Despite being 36 years old, Son Ye Jin is still making a lot of fans happy about her youthfulness. With the perfect facial expression, the actress of the movie “Beautiful lady buys delicious rice for me” is always one of the most beautiful girls of the Korean entertainment market.

Recently, at the Baeksang event 2018, Son Ye Jin impressed the public with a nude orange chiffon dress. In particular, with the long hair combined with the natural makeup, Son Ye Jin became extremely attractive and young.


Also appearing in event Baeksang 2018, Suzy roled as a pretty MC with a white charming shoulder dress. In particular, the beauty of the “National Love” made many people admired. She chose for herself a long straight and elegant hair style.

Suzy made many fans astonished by cutting off her long hair to own a short bob hair. Despite receiving a lot of positive opinions but it can not deny that the hairstyle has somewhat decrease her beauty.


Not only the beautiful faces but the ugly idol of Kpop, Umji (G-Friend), also has a surprised change. On May 4, Umji was present at the lobby in front of the KBS building to prepare for the recording of Music Bank. And her effeminate image began to catch Korean social network interest.

Coming with a simple costume, but Umjil pop out between the beautiful idols. Long-hair with clever cut, combined with hair colors, makeup and costumes, many fans said that the beauty of Umji has reached a new level. The is totally different from the past.

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At the beginning of 2018, Pimtha – the most famous hot girl in Thailand has refreshed her appearance by cutting the hair. The thin and medium-sized bang not only fits Pimtha’s long, spiky hair, but also fits her cute fashional custom.

However, in the summer, she has a long bang with brown color that make her look more gentle and feminine. With this hairstyle, it is also very easy if she wants to change to the short bang by using a fake hair or Vietnamese hair extension.



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