Just By Looking At The Shape Of The Split Ends, You Will Know How The Hair Is Damaged And How To Save It


Hair starts having the sign of split ends that is when you need to pay more attention to the health of your hair.

Most women have to suffer the split hair; however, few noticed those split hairs exist in many different shapes and are the signals showing that your hair is damaged.

And as soon as you know the relationship between the shape of the split ends and the “health” status of the hair is real, look closely at the tops of your hair and compare the split ends of the hair with any picture below!

Hair split in half

This is the type of split ends that women encounter most. And at this time, the cells outside the hair are still connected but have begun to loosen and separate at the ends.

Your mission: The condition of hair split in two parts shows that the hair is lacking in nutrients, requiring you to add moisture and beneficial nutrients through products such as essential oils, hair balm cream, etc. Besides that, trimming the split ends regularly is also a good way to increase the vitality of your hair.

Split hair mini

Similar to the type of hair split in half, the shape of mini-split hair is also the first signal that hair has been faced with split ends and needs more attention.

Your task: In addition to adding nutrients to your hair, limit the negative effects on your hair such as drying/ bending at high temperatures, bleaching hair, staining, etc. Otherwise, the hair will be more severe damage.

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Hair split into three

This particular type of hair-splitting shows that the hair has split ends for a long time and begins to suffer deeply.

What you need to do: Save your hair with essential oils or rich creamed nutrients. Styling activities, chemical use should be absolutely restricted at this time.

Hair splitting the tree

At this time, the condition of fibrous dryness and damage has taken place seriously, requiring you to have stronger improvement measures.

Your task: The quickest way to solve it is to cut off the tail of damaged hair. But after that, you still need to take care of your hair by using nutritional supplements; avoid direct hair exposure to the sun; chemicals or the use of styling machines also need to be limited.

Hair turns into a candle shape

Not split into different dimensions like the above, but when the hair turns into a candle shape, women also need to notice because, at this time, the hair has lost the outer epidermis, becomes much weaker.

What you need to do: You can prevent the damaged from the beginning by trimming the damaged hair. But if you don’t want to do this, using a dedicated hair restoration product is also a good idea.

Self-knot hair

Occasionally, you will also have to struggle the knot-shaped like this, especially for those who are having curly hair; and even though it doesn’t affect the health of the hair too much, the knots will lead to faults when you comb or blow your hair.

Your mission: Moisturize hair with nourishing products, and your hair will be smooth, strong, and the knot-shaped condition will also be improved.

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Hopefully, this post of MCSARA will be useful for you to prevent or overcome the hair split ends. Wishing you quickly have beautiful hair as desired!


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