SSSniperWolf is not a Hollywood star or a genius singer that is renowned all over the world. However, this badass girl is considered as “Rihanna” or “Ariana Grande” in a separate space – the gaming world and when I said this, it really means it. If you don’t believe, just look at her over 4 million subscribers Youtube channel! Whether you have already known her or just knew her recently, keep reading to learn more about this beautiful young lady.

Who is SSSniperWolf?

SSSniperWolf, whose real name is Lia, is a famous gaming Youtuber who has the millions of subscribers on her channel thanks to her seemingly endless gaming videos and cosplay. With all the mind-blowing contents, her channel has been gaining more and more popular, which helps her to make the thousands or even millions of dollars. Not only making money from the internet, but this girl also used the avenue to introduce herself to the world and has affected others into venturing in her line of business. Thus, with millions of followers on her social media platforms, Lia is also known as a social media influencer.

Some interesting truths about SSSniperWolf

She has started playing games since very young

At the age of 6, the littler girl Lia found that she really loved electronic games that it became a cause of non-stop fights between her and two brothers who also loved the electronic games. Thus, Lia’s father decided to buy her a Sony PlayStation and finally put an end to the sibling’s rivalries and fight over games. Back then, her father definitely can’t imagine that this action would turn out to be a career pathway for his daughter.

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She opened her Youtube channel in January 2013 and set her username as SSSniperWolf based on the character in her first favorite video game – Metal Gear Solid.

She is very good at hula popping

SSSniperWolf is good at gaming, there is no doubt about it. But did you know that she is pretty good at hula hopping as well? She revealed this awesome little fact in a video posted in 2014. “When I was in sixth grade, I got top prize in my school for a hula-hooping contest,” she said. “Weird, but I am crazy good at hula hooping.” “I think it was for a couple of hours I hula hooped in that contest,” she continued, “And then someone made me laugh and I dropped it.” A couple of hours? Color us seriously impressed.

She hates going to the doctor and the fact that she went 10 years without doing it

Like a lot of people in the world, SSSniperWolf isn’t a fan of the doctor; however, she appears to have taken her fear of getting a check-up to the extreme, admitting in a 2014 video that she hadn’t seen one in almost 10 years.

“I’m pretty healthy; I take care of myself.” She said, perhaps in an attempt to reassure her millions of subscribers. She revealed the reason behind this trauma is because she was a little, the doctor made her take off clothes for no reason in front of her mom, “so I’ve not been to the doctor since then, and I don’t ever think I can.” – she added.

She has a separate Youtube channel to upload women related things, makeup, crafts, etc.

Although gaming is still her priority, Lia still has another Youtube channel named Little Lia, which offers many DIY-related videos to its 84 thousand subscribers, including crafts, home goods, and recipes, makeup, beauty tips, etc. SSSniperWolf once said in a video posted on her main channel that she had always been into crafts, like making things around the house, making bracelets, etc. Thus the second Youtube channel is where she posts these kinds of videos. You can come and see another interesting side of this young girls besides games, to know more about SSSniperWolf without makeup (still look hella beautiful though), makeup tutorial, girly kinds of stuff, small crafts, etc.

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Hopefully, this post has already helped you to learn more about SSSniperWolf. If you have more interesting information about this famous Youtuber, don’t hesitate to let MCSARA know by leaving your comments on the comment section below!



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