Immediately Become A Luxurious Person Once Putting On, No Wonder Why The Girls Never Regret Spending The Millions To Shop Hairpins From These Expensive Brands.


Hairpins have become a hot trend in the past few years which doesn’t have the signs to cool down, a lot of fashionistas around the world even do not regret investing themselves the premium items that come from the world’s most expensive brands.

Remember the hairpins you still wore to beautify yourself when you were still a litter girl? After many years, this “teen accessory” has returned, becoming a hot trend that preferred by many beauty since last year until now.

But in this comeback, the hairpins are no longer merely a normal accessory that we still bought with one or two dollars in the past, they have been raised to a new level. Under the hands of a series of high-end fashion houses, the accessories now bring “status” of the luxurious to the utmost, when fashionistas have to spend millions or even tens of millions to own.

Brand-name hairpins that made a lot of young ladies become “crazy” recently, it has to mention the Gucci’s tortoise hairpins, Ashley Williams’ crystal hairpins, Versace’s Medusa hairpins or “gemstone” hairpins of Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to the expensive price that enough to make you feel like a top-notch person when you put on your hair, these “aristocratic” hairpins carry extremely striking, eye-catching designs, instantly turning boring hair into more personal, and trendy.

The most “hot hit” item is the tortoise hairpin cost more than $387 from Gucci. With a simple and elegant square design, combined with tortoise motifs and crystal beads, this is the Gucci accessory which is favored the most by fashion influencer, fashion blogger after bags, belts or shoes. The stylish ladies are using it to secure their bangs or to adorn a high-haired style, which is beautiful and outstanding in any way.

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No less popular than and even made a “fever” before Gucci hairpins were, that are Ashley Williams’ hairpins. Not only are made with the glittering crystal stone, but these hairpins also have brief but interesting messages such as “Girls”, “Thanks”, “Paradise”, etc., which not only make the hair become more beautiful but also help the owners to show their personality. This is also the best-selling product of Ashley Williams since last year with a relatively “soft” price compared to the pocket of luxurious brand followers: ~146 U.S. dollars.

Another lavish item that is also preferred by many professional beauty followers around the world is gold-plated Medusa hairpin for nearly $215 of Versace. After being worn by many big long-legs like Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid on the stage, this accessory “swept” Instagram to Pinterest, appearing in many wish lists.

The most expensive item that has to be mentioned is the “gemstone” hairpin from the fashion house Dolce&Gabbana. With the “huge” size that attaches with many gemstones, combined with the royal design, it costs nearly 1720 U.S. dollars.

Not only invest in the hairpins with modern design like above, but many fashion followers also try to find out and purchase the vintage hairpins of Chanel. The price for this “rare antique” can be up to $860.

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