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Hairstyle hot trent 2018


Gone are the super-elaborate hairdos. Simplistic styles, shorter locks and astounding hues are back in vogue. You see famous people venture of their comfort zone and let go of their mark looks, and it is difficult to not emulate them.

Regardless of how much your time is spent, there is no reason you cannot look stunning. A extremely shrewd individual had once said, “Never let length get in the way of fabulous hair.” Keeping that as a main priority, here are styles for each hair length.

1. Short hair – messy bob

Lily Collins sure looks adorable yet chic in this short, slightly messy cut. Her messy bob has been pulled back and pinned to create the illusion of longer locks.

How To Style:

  • Apply a volumizing product to damp hair and blow-dry, scrunching at the crown.
  • Brush out the top section and straighten.
  • Tease to create volume and smooth out your hair.
  • Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This hairstyle complements a wide range of face shapes, though people with wider faces might want to give this look a wide berth.

2. Medium Length Hair – Messy wob

Wob or wavy bob has become a favourite amongst famous person. Here, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sports a messy take on the wob.

How To Style:

  • Work a volumizing product into hair.
  • Straighten hair, then tease and scrunch to add volume.
  • Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?
This, once again, is a very adaptable look that goes well with any outfit and on any face shape.

3. Long hair – Side Swept Retro Waves

Reese Witherspoon has taken the retro style and added a modern curls to it. The curls are voluminous and softer, rather than the slightly twist style of the past.

How To Style:

  • Work a volumizing product through hair and part it off to one side.
  • Using a large barrel curler, style loose curls.
  • Tease a little to create volume on top and finger-comb the ends.
  • Set with a strong hold hairspray or pomade.
  • Is This For You?

This is a look that complements for girls. And here is a more comprehensive guide on how to get this look


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