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Find about ombre hair style


Today, the tendency to dye one color has gradually become boring, instead of that, dye hair with mixing colors or “ombre color” is extremely impressive to many young girls. You can even see the image of famous stars in the world wearing a ombre hair is very popular.

Ombre is a multicolored hair that is made up of many different colors, including main colors combined with fashionable tones.

– To create an ombre tone as desired, hair dyers often rely on brightness, darkness of color to judge and create the right color.

– However, this hairstyle is hard to make and the color is usually darker than the image you see. Therefore, you should dye a lighter color to get a dye hair as you want.

Characteristics of this dye hair color is to use a lot of hair bleach to bleach the original hair color before dyeing.

Therefore, you need to take care your hair well before intending to dye your hair with ombre color and you should choose colors which is not too prominent and too different from your original hair color.

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Some recomended ombre colors for you


– Purple is always a beautiful hair color to try and always create a charm to the owner. Owning a purple ombre color will make you more seductive and confident. However, to create a harmony balance, you should choose the color bright enough to brighten the face and look prominent.


– Light green tail combined with your natural hair color on the top will help you create a new style. Only a light green is enough to create an impressing highlight when you want to wear a ombre hair to refresh yourself.


Blond color is quite familiar with every girls when used in ombre hair because it is suitable for a variety of hairstyles and skin tones. With this ombre, you will look beautiful and youthful even with a natural straight hair.


Pink hair is a new style and very attractive with everyone. Therefore, if you love prominence or something special, you can choose this style for yourself. However, pink ombre is only suitable for girls with bright skin and small face then you should think carefully before making a decision.



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