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Fabulous tips to make tape in hair extensions better everyday


When it comes to hair extensions, there are certain things that you and all other girls should know about tape in hair extensions and how to style them. For the most part, our tape in hair extensions can be styled just as you would style your own hair. However, there are certain things that you can do to make the extensions blend better and look amazing in your hair.

If your hair needs to be completely restyled: Spritz with water and blow dry

While you may not have the time to jump into the shower and wait for your hair to dry completely, it’s amazing what a spritz of water can do. Simply put water into a spray bottle. Give your hair a light spritzing and then brush the water through the hair so that your hair is slightly damp. Then, use a brush to blow dry your hair a section at a time. Since your hair is only slightly damp, blow drying your hair should go pretty quickly.

If you have frizzy ends: Use a leave in conditioner spray

A light spritzing of a leave in conditioner spray is the right option for repairing frizzy ends. This will give your ends the nourishment your hair needs without needing to worry about the hair extensions slipping. This can happen if you use traditional conditioners. Our leave in conditioner spray is made specifically for tape in hair extensions. Never apply near the base of the extensions, as this can cause slipping.

If you have greasy hair: Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is becoming increasingly popular to help revive hair on bad hair days. Not only does it helps manage grease, but it can help limp or volumeless hair. Simply spray dry shampoo close to the roots and brush the shampoo into your hair. This can just give your hair a little bit of a boost.

If it just doesn’t look right: Try a new hairstyle

Braids and twists can make a huge difference to improve any bad hair day. Find a simple hairstyle that can be done quickly and style away. This can make your hair look great even if it didn’t originally look good this morning.

Have fewer bad hair days with quality Tape in hair extensions

You and other girls like you will surely have better looking hair when they use salon quality hair extensions. Our tape in hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair and they can last for several applications if the hair extensions are well maintained. Hair extensions are a service that can seriously boost your salon’s business. If you are interested in offering our beautiful tape in hair extensions in your salon, do not hesitant to contact us for more informative tips for your tape in hair extensions.

All of these above would be our limited tips, if you have any further gorgeous ones, share with us to make the people hair more fabulous day by day!


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