As Expected From Justin Bieber’s Wife: When The Rustic Face Is Even Better Complimented Than Wearing Makeup


Not many people are as paradoxical as Justin Bieber’s wife: gets tones of compliments whenever doesn’t put on any makeup.

On July 27 (in the local time), the young wife of Justin BieberHailey Baldwin – was caught moving to the gym. Hailey was seen dressed in a sporty style, but still extremely outstanding with a toned, calibrated body and natural spirit of a young model. Not only that, but she is also totally comfortable to let the face completely makeup-free and just wear simple glasses, which very few famous beauties do when appearing on the street.

However, Hailey’s rustic face look today received many positive reactions from netizens. Unlike other Hollywood beauties, Hailey Baldwin is particularly beautiful and youthful when she has a rustic face, and even Hailey Baldwin no makeup face is even more appreciated than when she wears heavy makeup.

Don’t believe? Just look at these pictures!

No need to put on any complicated makeup layer, Hailey Baldwin still look stunning and attractive.

She looks several years younger than when she put on makeup.

As always, the super-fit body of a supermodel, no need to debate.

Justin Bieber’s wife after wearing makeup is maturely beautiful, alluring and enchanting but doesn’t look as young and natural as when she let her face makeup-free.

Join MCSARA to take a look at some more moments of Hailey Baldwin without makeup!

Unlike other Holywood stars, Justin Bieber’s wife is always confident showing off her most natural face when she doesn’t makeup. Of course, after seeing these pictures of her makeup-free look, we all know where she got that confidence.

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Who would look both that cute at one time…

… and also alluring at another time like this?

The latest rustic-face selfie of Hailey Baldwin, such a fabulous moment, right?


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