Everything About Pokimane: Who She Is, Age, Real Name, Popularity, And So On


In the digital era as nowadays, there are more and more people who are very famous, not in the entertainment industry but on social media. Among various big names who took advantage of the internet, we cannot miss out Pokimane – a beautiful pro gamer, content creator, and vlogger. Not only built a successful image as a social media icon, but the girl can also earn a significant amount from her lucrative career. Pokimane is very popular among amateur gamers, however, many of us may not know about this young talent as she is still not a Hollywood star or famous singer, etc. anyway. So, we’ve rounded up some interesting facts about Pokimane, to help you know more about this lovely girl.

Who is Pokimane Thicc? Age, family, education, etc.

The League of Legends Twitch superstar and famous Youtuber was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, but her parents moved her to Canada soon after the girl’s birth. Her real name is Imane but she has been known more as Amy. The young lady spent her early years in Canada and was taught to speak both, English and French, fluently.

Imane gained popularity as the founder of two YouTube channels, one of which is devoted to playing various games in real-time and the other one contains ASMR videos (videos, created in role-play mode, when the artist with a pleasant voice encourages the viewers to imagine the situation, when they turn into a tweed jacket, which is rubbed by hands of some beautiful girl, or any other occasion of that kind in order to create soft pleasant tingling sensation in the viewer’s body). Her channels are very successful with a total of more than 3.1 million followers. Pokimane is considered a great social media influencer as besides millions-followers Youtube channels, she also has millions of fans following her on other platforms (more than 600k on Twitter and 2 million on Instagram).

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Before getting famous, the multi-talent girl studied chemical engineering at McMaster University, Canada. She graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree. She registered at Twitch platform in 2014 and gained initial fame as the devoured player of a strategy game League of Legends. Her smart real-time play made her one of the most followed Twitch gamers in the world with the fan base of more than 3 million subscribers.

About her family, there is no exact information regarding the identities of her family’s members since the talented star tends to keep secret about her personal life. But it is known that she grew up in Morocco and have a younger brother.


Besides getting famous thanks to her talent, Pokimane’s popularity also comes from more than a few controversial encounters such as Tyler1.

Not only that, she once faced with controversy about her bare face as she got tons of backlash for not wearing makeup on her stream. In fact, one of the reasons contributing to her popularity is her cute beautiful visual, so when she decided to show up a “Pokimane no makeup” on her stream (as she supposed to make a makeup tutorial video), there were some rude “fans” getting shook and criticizing her looks and how it was different from when she had makeup on.

Pokimane then received waves of support from fans and fellow streamers defending her by posting pictures of their bare face on Twitter. Fortunately, this controversy seemed to not affect the female streamer too much as she had been fully aware of the incoming backlash but then decided it was not important for her to pay attention.

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