Have You Ever Wonder How Marilyn Manson Would Look Like Without Makeup?


Do you know Marilyn Manson – one of the most commercially successful singers in the music industry’s history with the millions of copies of albums that were sold over the years. Unlike other colleagues, the genius singer is most famous for his outrageous gothic and controversial live performances.

Marilyn is a multi-instrumentalist, music journalist, actor, singer, painter, and many more. His horrific look is an inspiration for a lot of teenagers as well as adults. His songs and quotes motivate people all over the world to follow their dreams and be their selves. His looks define him. His looks are the main driving force behind the heavy hardcore and brutal character which is The Marilyn Manson. But, behind the scenes, Marilyn is definitely the opposite of what he looks like on stage. MCSARA have listed here the top 6 moments of Marilyn Manson without makeup. Take a look!

The all Time Casual Look

As Marilyn Manson likes to let the face completely makeup-free and wear casual clothes. In this picture, Marilyn is sporting a black collared t-shirt and tousled hair. People don’t really recognize him when he’s going casual. He likes to avoid much attention and mix in with the normal people.

Makeup or no makeup

These two pictures are actually of the same person, Marilyn Manson. This picture has shown how different between Marilyn Manson with and without makeup. The makeup style of this American singer is very unique and peculiar, not to mention it looks pretty scary as well (but this also creates his distinctive charm). The picture on the left makes it clear that this singer doesn’t have to worry about his no-makeup look as he manages to look pretty attractive without the mascara and getting lost in his character.

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The Stare

Here, Marilyn gives a serious look in a photoshoot for a magazine. This pale actor, singer, fashion icon, etc. has always been very conscious about his appearance and makeup. Here he sports a black shirt with his casual hairstyle which pretty much makes him looks like an emperor.

In a movie

Marilyn Manson is not only a talented singer but also an amazing actor. Here he was spotted on-screen without any makeup, Marilyn looked very different from his casual style. No more weird makeup layers, the beard made him look a little rough and more mature. This is by far one of the best Marilyn Manson no makeup moments.

At The Crib

Marilyn Manson seems to like wearing black. Thus he tends to wear black costumes very often, whether it’s performance outfits or casual clothes. This is one rare moment we can see Marilyn wears something different than his black things. The famous singer looked comfortably at home rocking a white top and showing off his tattoos and of course, he didn’t put on any makeup.

A model-style way to read book

“You have to be fashionable and stylish even when you’re reading a book!” – is the name is this funny moment of Marilyn Manson. The singer was joking as he was showing off his Rogue Island book while acting cool. Of course, we all know the base of this joke is that you have to have a glassy look as Marilyn in this picture, looking fancy with glares on and even without any makeup.

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