Don’t Ever Think It’s Trivial, These Are 5 Serious Mistakes In Your Face Cleansing Steps


Just a few careless steps while cleansing your face also have a big impact on your skin.

Facial care is a field that any sister at any age is interested in. However, there is a fact that the vast majority of women invest in an in-depth understanding of cosmetics to meet the needs of the skin or ensure proper implementation of each step of the day, but neglect the skin cleansing steps in the morning and evening. And just a few leaky steps while cleansing your face can already affect your skin.

Bathe – wash face: Do not perform at the same time

Many people have a habit of bathing and washing their faces at the same time for convenience, but in fact, this is a fundamental mistake. When bathing, most of the women will take a warm bath to relax their body and skin after a tiring day but the water temperature for the facial skin should be lower than for the body, so you really should not bathe and wash face at the same time.

With facial skin, if cold water is used, the pores will tighten so it will not be able to completely remove accumulated dirt. But if the water temperature is too high, the skin will be irritated. The most suitable temperature for facial skin when cleaning is from 25-30 degrees.

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Clearly removing makeup

Whether you have makeup or not, you still need to cleanse carefully, if not the makeup layers, it is also sunscreen that accumulates all day on the skin. Do not generally choose a makeup remover or just clean face with water, if you don’t clean the makeup that still clings to the skin, or the dirt causing precipitation of melanin on the skin for a long time, the not surprised if your skin is constantly pimple-prone and not beautiful.

Do not apply cleaner directly to the skin

The next step is washing your face with a cleanser. Not to mention the foaming product lines but with the normal facial cleanser, many women pump it on their hands and apply it immediately to the skin, this way should be stopped immediately.

The safest way to wash your face using cleanser is to pump the corn-grain-amount of milk into your hand, then use your fingertips to gently rub with water to create some foam before applying it to the skin, this step will dilute and dissolve the amount of detergent in the facial cleanser, from there reduce its impact on skin while saving products when pumping a small amount can still clean the whole face.

Do not use your whole hand to massage your face

Even if you wash your hands before washing your face, you cannot be sure that your hands are absolutely clean, so limit the contact area of your hands with your face a little bit.

The safest way to wash your face is to use your fingertips to massage in circular movements from outside to inside, paying close attention to the T-zone because this is the oiliest skin area on the face.

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Do not wash your face more than 4 times / 1 day

Keeping your facial skin clean doesn’t mean you have to wash your face continuously, you should not wash your face more than 4 times/day unless your skin will become thin, and more sensitive as well as easy to irritate due to the negative impacts from the external environment.


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