It is very easy to find various ways to braid your hair and there are different Vietnamese braids suitable for different length of hair. Most girls around me have long hair and almost all of them have tried Vietnamese braids in their daily life. It is sure that we should find a proper hairstyle for each occasions, the hairstyle you wear for work must be different from the one you style for a sweet date. In today’s post, I am going to show you some basic ways of Vietnamese girls to braid your hair which are available for most of the circumstances. Practice is necessary before you are skilled.

Braiding Box Braids With Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Wash your hair before braiding. Extensions braided into small braids are usually in place for a long period, so you want to starting with clean hair and scalp. Make sure your hair is dry before braiding. You may also want to cut the extensions to the length you prefer before braiding. If you are going to use the full length of the extensions, you can leave them as they are.

Separate a portion of the hair into a small section. For box braids, you are going to be braiding numerous strands into tiny, long braids. Start the process by separating a small portion of hair that will be the basis for your first braid. You can do this with your fingers or a comb. Make sure the section of hair is untangled. Then wrap the Vietnamese hair extension around the natural hair strand.

Twist the extension around your natural hair. Hold your natural hair taut as you twist the two strands of the extension around the natural hair strand. If you can’t quite get it by twisting, just cross the extension strands under the natural hair. You will now have three distinct strands of equal size.

Start the base braid. Take the natural strand, which is one of the outside strands, and cross it over the middle strand. Pull the Vietnamese extension strand to the side, making it an outside strand while the natural hair strand becomes the middle strand. This makes your three strands. Spray the Vietnamese hair extension and natural hair with water to keep stray hairs in place while you are working with it.

Braid a few strands. Using these three initial strands, braid a few strands to get the braid going. Then, slide the Vietnamese extension upwards towards the scalp to secure it.

Blend the natural hair into the extensions.
 Split the natural hair into two strands. Do the same to one of the extension strands. Combine one of each of the strands together into two new strands.

Continue braiding. Now that you have the braid started and blended, continue braiding until you get to the end of your hair. When you get to the ends of your natural hair, use some hair spray or water to smooth them down as they combine with your extensions.


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