“Diamond” tips from Korean stars: 7 skincare recipes can give you beautiful skin like them


Knowing how Korean female stars – who are famous for the beautiful skin without any blemishes – do their skincare routine, what are you waiting for without consulting right away?

Park Shin Hye: The mask is everything

Actress Park Shin Hye really loves using the face mask. She shared that she herself wore a mask every day, especially when filming hard and usually have to face harsh environmental factors. And this skincare habit will help her maintain her moist skin, clear all signs of fatigue, lack of vitality on her face.

Ha Ji Won: Extremely serious about moisturizing

Ha Ji Won is really obsessed with moisturizing skin. The “Queen Ki” star does not allow dry skin for more than 3 seconds but immediately after washing her face, she will moisturize the skin with nourishing essence. If your skincare products are too far from the bathroom, Ha Ji Won suggests leaving a mineral spray bottle next to the sink so you can add moisture in a split second. And a full of moisture 24/24 hours skin will always be full and bright.

Go Hyun Jung: Smart face washing order

The “Queen Seon Deok” star is famous for her no-age beauty and young skin, even though she has reached the threshold of U50. And one of the secrets of this beauty is the smart face washing order. Specifically, Go Hyun Jung will clean the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) first, then to the cheek area. The reason is that the T-zone secretes more oil, takes longer to clean while the two cheeks are dry, need to moderately massage.

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Song Hye Kyo: Using the self-made mask

As a top star, having a lot of experience in luxury skincare products, Song Hye Kyo still likes to use homemade masks. She shared about her two favorite mask formulas. The first is a mixture of 1 egg white egg + 1 spoon of honey, rub on the skin, wait dry and then rinse with clean water to get smooth skin. The second type is simpler, including honey and clean water at a ratio of 1: 2, gently massage and then rinse. Song Hye Kyo confirmed that these two types of cheap, easy-to-do masks have the ability to lighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Suzy: Face wash method 424

Suzy is one of Korea’s rustic face goddesses, so her 424 face wash formula is also popular. The procedure is very simple, including facial massage with makeup remover oil for 4 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of massage with cleanser, finally taking 4 minutes to rinse with clean water. According to Suzy, her method will help remove harmful impurities, helping the skin to reduce acne and become more glowing.

Seohyun: Cover your skin with a balm

A lot of people are afraid to use the oil, but for Seohyun, this is the key to her cool, smooth skin. After careful skin cleansing, Seohyun will cover the skin with a layer of balm and results, she will maintain a moist, bright skin for a long time.

Song Ji Hyo: The simple is the best

The Korean version of the Running Man’s goddess admits that she likes comfort and convenience rather than trying to make her skin look great. Therefore, she pursued the skincare process which is very minimalist but performs perfectly right from the cleaning step. Besides, sleeping a lot and limiting makeup is also the key to Song Ji Hyo to get admirable rustic skin.

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How do you do skincare? Don’t hesitate to share with MCSARA by leaving your method in the comment section below!


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