Beyoncé’s Swirling Cornrows at The Lion King Premiere Are Truly the GOAT


Beyonce has never disappointed fans with her impressive sense of fashion, especially when it comes to hairstyles!

It’s been a while since the last time walking on the red carpet of the famous 37-year-old singer, so it’s reasonable if you view Beyonce on the red carpet the same way as you would when you see an eclipse: full of awe, wonder, and amazement!

The hair, here, however, is the most intriguing part of the whole ensemble — Mrs. Carter (who lends her voice to the film and its soundtrack) rocked cornrows in a rich, dark brown shade that melts, gradually, into the honey Beyoncé blonde we all know, love, and aspire to achieve. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the cornrowed ponytail from Bey: A variation of the style, done by longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah, first made an appearance when she made a surprise showing at the 2018 Grammy Awards —and #BraidedBeyoncé has been making more and more public showings (We’re still recovering from these braids from last December.)

The hair look is topped off with a 1920’s-era pin curl and cornrows in a wavy pattern, which is totally a reference to the Classic Disney era of the early 1930s combined with traditional African braiding hairstyle, done in a very modern way, kind of like the new live-action Lion King, right?

Let join MCSARA to look back on some memorable moments of the legendary pop singer at the last “The Lion King” premiere in Hollywood.



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