Ariana Grande Has Just Released Her Newest MV? Have You Watched It Yet?


Does “Boyfriend”, the latest music product from Ariana Grande, start for a new smooth album?

On August 2, 2019, Ariana Grande officially premiered to the whole world MV “Boyfriend” – the lead singer for the next studio album of the “little diva”, bringing along a lot of expectation of the songstress herself and the Arianators (Ariana’s fans) as well.

Ariana combines with Social House in the song “Boyfriend

The MV content revolves around Ariana Grande who always suspects her boyfriend for being unfaithful, “jealousy” and always shows a heavy attitude towards girls who dare to approach her boyfriend. Continuing to be a pop song featuring some R&B melodies, in this appearance, Ariana Grande invited the Social House duo to take part in the rap, introducing to the public a new and very potential young artist duo.

The highlight of the MV is Ariana Grande’s “jealousy” scenes when she encounters “the third person”, probably for the first time, fans have a chance to see Ariana be this “horrible”.

The most formidable scenes may be the scene when she truculently holds archery and straightly shoots into the hand of “the third person”, in the painful screaming of that girl.

In the MV, Ariana appears elegantly yet still edgily and sexily with a stylish makeup layer on and classy costumes, the image completely contrasts with her casual styles, which is comfortable and somewhat optional. Indeed, if the “Ariana Grande no makeup” image gives you an impression of a cute and innocent girl then Ariana when wearing makeup will bring a total opposite feel – mature and full of charm.

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Looking innocent and fresh without any cosmetics…

…then immediately turn mature and sexy once putting on makeup.

Despite the bold idea, the music of “Boyfriend” still doesn’t have much difference with the music of the “Thank U, Next” album, which is a general comment of many audiences, including fans. “Boyfriend” is expected to “usurp” the song “Old Town Road” in the coming week, but with the reaction is not really positive from the audience, will Ariana Grande make it?

What do you think about this new song by Ariana? Let’s MCSARA know by leaving your opinions in the comment section below!



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