8 Pictures of Angelina Jolie Without Makeup


The teaser of the season 2 of Maleficent named “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” has just been released marking the surprising comeback after almost 5 years for the fans of this dark fairy. To celebrate this special occasion, let join MCSARA to take a look at how beautiful the “Maleficent” Angelina Jolie is even without makeup.

The million-dollar smile

Angelina Jolie, the prettiest woman to be born, has always been the minimalist when it came to off-screen beauty tactics. She has always shown mature decision-making skills when it came to her off-screen appearance where most of the time she would sport a minimum barely-there makeup face and be honest, does she even need one? Looking at this picture of her on one of her so-called events, it is evitable that she is a diva in her own self where. As her natural blush covers her face, she looks smitten while she sports her million-dollar smile. Angelina Jolie without makeup still manages to look spectacular.

The true seft

Jolie has been the type of personality who would risk it going bare as she admits that she thrives on natural colors. Here is yet another example of how she does it so flawlessly without the need for cover-ups.

Suited up

Here is one of the candid moments where Angelina was snapped during one of her formal attire events. Usually, Jolie has always been causally cool when it comes to dressing up for an outing event. She has always sported a minimum of the look but here we were gawping as she waltzed down the road, in her black suit. Her hair was parted from the middle and let to fall freely as she carried her tainted skin bag and walked by after flashing us an approving smile.

When going to charity

As we always say, Angelina is something more than just a model or actress or filmmaker. She is also known as a sweet person who has spent millions of dollars to do charity. Being the person she is, Jolie soon ventured out for a heart to heart with some of them face to face. Dressed in a casual pair of blue jean and white top Jolie even spent the day listening to Sikh music played by some of the children working in the Khalsa Diwan Welfare society. Needless to remind here she is without makeup.

The Sober look

Here is a picture of Angelina in her work clothes with a simple white shirt. Even in this simple look and with no makeup, she still looks outstanding. Her no-makeup face was only accentuated by the clear radiant complexion and soft look.

In a rush

Here is Jolie rushing to her position on her sets of her movie “wanted” where she sported simple white tee and formal trousers and even with a heap of disheveled hair, she looked fresh and radiant.

A random Close up

Have you ever turn on the camera of your mobile phone to capture a beautiful scene and scared by your ridiculous face that suddenly appears on the mobile screen? (it’s funny anyway) However, I believe that things will not happen with Angelina Jolie. Don’t believe? Just look at this picture, she’s still gorgeous even in close-up shooting and without makeup.

The Cover Girl

Jolie has been a fan of Louis Vuitton for a long time now and finally a few years back, she was given the title of the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton. Here her looks are kept in the dark, by her literally dark shades while without makeup and hair pulled in a bun, she looked simply perfect.

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