From chocolate hair masks to hair cutting in the lunar cycle.

Despite the fact that the weather is hot and humid, hair care is still a sacred ritual for the Brazilians. That’s the reason why you can believe that no place has the secret to keep your hair bouncy all summer long like Brazil

With below beauty secrets, it’s believed that one day your hair will be as beautiful as the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

  1. Starting taking care of hair as early as possible

For mothers and daughters in Brazil, hair care has become a family tradition. Mothers will begin to take care of their daughters’ natural hair since they are 5 or 6 years old. They will use hair annealing ice cream for their daughters’ hair at home or bring them to hair salons for intensive care once a week.

Every family holds formula handed down from generation to generation to restore and strengthen hair. A basic method is to brew hair with Brazil nut oil. First step is to warm oil for applying to the hair. Doing massage gently for oil is the second one, then wrap a warm wet towel and wait 30 minutes then wash the oil. Another use is to mix Brazil nuts oil with conditioners to moisturize your human hair.

  1. Selecting products’ components

When choosing hair care products, Brazilians always look for ingredients included  below:

– Brazilian Oil: moisturizes, softens and shines.

– Cupuacu butter: intensive moisturizing to keep hair extremely smooth.

– Buriti Oil: nourishes the scalp and strengthens the shine, moisturizes the hair.

– Pequi Oil: Reduce split ends, and keep your hair shiny and smooth.

  1. Using Keratin

This is a powerful strength enhancer for the hair structure, restores shine, softens and keeps the hair shiny and creamy. Most salons in Brazil offer intensive care with Keratin, . If you are a fan of hair extension, Keratin is not too strange for you. With its best characteristics, Keratin hair extensions look like real human hair, bringing the natural beauty without any difference from human hair.

  1. Cutting in lunar circle

In ancient times, Brazilians believed in divinity. They always chose to cut their hair according to the lunar cycle according to the results they want. For Brazilian women, the moment of cutting hair is the most important; decide if your hair is healthy and beautiful. Hair cutting at the following times will help your hair achieve different results:

Young moon: enhances hair health

Sickle Crescent: Helps long and sleek hair

Full moon: increase the thickness of the hair

Half moon: reduce hair loss and help the messy hair become shiny, sticky.

  1. Taking care by chocolate

This is the method commonly used for brown and black hair. Chocolate is rich in vitamins and minerals, is a very popular hair care material Brazil. Here is a special formula that will help your hair to be deeply moisturized, reduce split ends and become shiny

  1. Trimming hair by fire

This method is called Velaterapia, invented by Brazilians in the 60s. You should go to the salon for a professional hairdresser to do Velaterapia, if not proficient that self-manipulation at home can burn hair.


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