5 Most Remarkable Trends Of Hairpin This Summer: From Polished To Mild, All Beautiful And Stylish


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Wearing hairpins is the simplest but most effective way to create highlights for your hair as well as promote your style.

Mix multiple hairpins at once


Accessories becoming “hot hit” again is the time for hairpins to come back, thus the stylish girls upgrade their hairstyle with a mix & match. A hairpin when standing alone may not stand out very well, but when you combine a few of them in a random way, the results are extremely eye-catching and luxurious. The most beautiful formula is to mix many sparky hairpins with pearl or golden hairpins.

Stylized hairpins

The task of the hairpin is inherently to create a highlight for the hair, so obviously, the more prominent the hairpins are, the more attractive the hair will be. That is why the stylized hairpins with delicate flowers, moon stars, etc. are the things that are being hunted by many stylish girls.

Crystal hairpin

Crystal hairpin is the most unique trend of hairpin this summer and is also a great choice for those who are cool but still want to be girly. This type of hairpins are made from transparent stone beads and plastic beads, shaped like glitter crystal crystals, attractive but full of mysteriousness. With this kind of hairpins, you will definitely get a lot of people asking, “Where did you buy these beautiful hairpins?”.

Pearl hairpins

Being “hot” from last year, pearl hairpin has not reduced the attraction simply because it is so beautiful. This is the kind of style that any girl will appear to be more feminine, more graceful and more luxurious. This year, pearl hairpins also have more designs than last year, varying in size and variations.

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Colorful hairpin

When you’re too familiar with those complicated fancy pairs, there will be times when you want to “back to basics” with something simple and unadulterated, but still as fashionable as this familiar slim hairpin. Randomly mix of several colorful hairpins in an X shape, zigzag or seamless, not only hair becomes more lively but your style is also promoted.

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