4 Short Hairstyles Can “Hack” Your Thin Hair Becomes 2 Times Thicker, And Even More Beautiful


Any thin-haired girl should consider immediately these 4 hairstyles for the next haircut.

The Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is the most ideal hairstyle for thin-haired girls. It not only does make your hair look thicker than it really is, but this hairstyle also maintains a stylish-looking whether you let it down naturally, tie or lightly curl. Besides, one cool thing about the blunt bob hairstyle is that you can choose from different lengths, there are 3 most commonly options: chin-length, over-chin length or collarbone-touch length. Each length brings different feels and has its own beauty but all have one thing in common that they look extremely stylish and youthful.

Slight layered blunt hairstyle

Obviously, Blunt hair always creates an illusion of having the thick hair, however slightly transforming the casual blunt style with a bit of layering is not a bad idea to create softness to your hair while ensuring cheat thickness. This option is especially suitable for hair from shoulder to chest length. You can suggest the hairstylist create the blunt bob and add a bit of layer at the ends. Also, this hairstyle will also look thicker when the hair close to the face is gently trimmed framing your mug.

Long hair with wide sparse bangs

Feminine lovely Long-haired is loved by many girls but has the disadvantage of making thin hair look thinner. The secret to achieving the thickest-looking long hair may be to choose a moderate length such as the chest-height length in combination with the wide sparse bangs. This combo not only is beautiful and floating but also does not require any sophisticated styling.

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Slightly Trimmed Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hair with bangs is a great choice for thin-haired girls because it has the ability to make your hair look 2 or 3 times thicker than normal. However, tell the hairdresser not to prune too many layers, instead just trim it very little to keep the hair thick. The thicker the bangs and the top of the head, the more pixie hairstyles will look “tricked”.

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