Here Are 3 Ways To Restyle Your Bob Hair To Become More Attractive


You totally can create a variety of “virtual” styles on your Bob hair and here are three fresh suggestions for you to “F5” your casual short hair.

Inverted C-shaped Curling Bob Hair

Curling hair in C-Shaped is the most popular way to style for Bob hair that many girls have applied it at least once. However, with just a small change in curling methods, your Bob hair will immediately turn more delightful and alluring.

To make the casual C perm, girls usually blend the hair inward. With this Bob style, you need to do the opposite, instead of curling hair inward, gently curls the ends of your hair outward to create an inverted C perm. The inverted C-shaped, adding a little hair gel in addition to hold the texture better and longer, will bring a fresh and youthful feel without being too rustic like many people’s fantasy.

The easiest way to create the C-shaped Bob hair is to use a large curling curler, and flexibly combine the curling of the tail and making some loose curls outside to create a soft, natural feel.

Half bun + hairpins

The half-bun hairstyle is now too familiar, but you can upgrade this style with just a few “toothpicks” hairpins. Choose some of gold-colored “toothpicks” and randomly attach them parallel or into an X-shape on your hair, in the position near the bun. And you have already had a super stylish hairstyle for your “virtual” life on the social networks. If you have plenty of time, you can also try to gently curl your hair to create some soft waves and get even more “virtual” results.

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Low-tied combines with headband

Many girls consider that the low-tied Bob hair is the “reluctant” styling scheme on hot days. So, but the low-tied bob haircut can also be stylish, extremely sucking the eyes when being accentuated with a headband. The final result will be even more perfect if you can delicately combine the hairband and the ribbon so that they are harmonious in color. When leaving this hairstyle, do not forget to add a pair of really prominent earrings to add a nice twist.

So, these are some small-but-effective tips for you to hack your casual Bob haircut and have a more charming hairstyle. What are you still waiting for but try out these wonderful styles right away? Don’t forget to let MCSARA know your result once you have done it. Good luck!



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