After Only 1 Day, Many Big Hollywood Stars Have All Turned Into Aliens, What Is Happening?


Recently, the “fever” about Area 51 is causing storms to the entire social network. Of course, Hollywood stars are no exception to this exciting trend.

Area 51 is America’s most secret and safe military base located in the Nevada desert. The area is so mysterious that it is often rumored that this is where aliens often go. Therefore, after only a short day (from July 15 in local time), all social networks have raised a “storm” event in Area 51 to discover the truth in this place. .Of course, Hollywood stars are not out of this exciting campaign either. Many famous stars have even posted their strange, weird images to “integrate” with aliens who are hiding in Area 51.

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are super lovely and cute

An elaborate disguise of Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid is no different from her sister at the “playful” level

World-leading beauty Vlogger Jeffree Star jokes: “On the way to Area 51 to warn my family about the invasion of the earth”

The actor Danny Trejo also contributed to this event his own meme with the caption “After leaving Area 51”

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